NightDragon $50 Million Series D

Solving the Data Overload Problem in Cybersecurity

When I met last month with our new Advisory Council, I asked them what areas represent their biggest pain points and what technologies NightDragon should invest in. Immediately, one leader answered that getting clear insights from mountains of log data, especially when it comes to software vulnerabilities, is one of their biggest challenges today.

Gathering data isn’t our problem. In fact, it’s the opposite. We have mountains of log data accumulating across the enterprise, pulled from open systems, cloud-native endpoints, security and compliance feeds, interconnected applications, servers, IoT data and more. What we DO have is a what do I do with all this data problem.

CISOs and CIOs I meet with every week are drowning in data, without the team, time or the context to bring actionable meaning to it and help mitigate risk to their organization. Legacy solutions have attempted to address this influx of data through a single choke point, making data-intensive innovation and operations more complicated, costly, slower, and prone to errors and heightened risk.

What they’re asking for instead is: How do we take these disparate feeds of data and ingest it, process it, route it, analyze it and store it in an automated, cloud-first and hyper-scale way that drives meaning and value for the stakeholders that need it?

In parallel, we have seen a resurgence in awareness of the need for secure code. Software vulnerabilities in companies like SolarWinds have rippled across the industry, causing massive impacts to commercial and government organizations. Reacting to each incident independently is no longer a sustainable cybersecurity strategy.

These two challenges – development and cybersecurity – converge in the log management and observability space. With the next generation of these solutions and the advent of the shift left movement, we have the potential to solve our data challenge, as well as enable the builders to instill resilience into our applications (and therefore our organizations) from the very start. In short, get smarter and more secure.

This challenge in front of us is exactly why I am excited to announce NightDragon is leading a $50 million funding round in LogDNA. Data presents immense opportunities to organizations when it comes to cybersecurity and other needs, but only if they can harness it. Organizations need a comprehensive platform that ingests and normalizes this massive amount of structured and unstructured data flowing across the enterprise to allow for smarter decision making and better collaboration and visibility all the way from the developer to the C-Suite.

LogDNA has the right team and technology to address this data challenge head on and at hyper scale. I believe they are one of the leading companies solving this data and DevSecOps challenge for developers and security teams today and, with the power of the NightDragon network and our investment and advisory capabilities behind them, will only see further growth.

It’s time to shift the focus from single pane of glass platforms to solutions that enable the data consumers. Improving the builder’s workflow is core to solving the observability problem and strengthening cybersecurity defenses. Especially in a world that has moved towards DevSecOps, the solution needs to make the workflow simple and delightful.

LogDNA’s technology frees developers and security teams from a surge of alerts and massive volumes of logs, which can waste hundreds of hours to sift through. With centralized log management for DevOps, these teams now have frictionless and actionable data to monitor, debug and troubleshoot massive log volumes in real-time across any source including applications, cloud systems, Kubernetes, bare metal systems and more. It’s hyper-scale, cloud-native, real-time and multi-cloud. That’s the way of the future and how we secure the modern DevOps world and create secure, resilient applications.

The increasing attention on this challenge has led to incredible growth for LogDNA. It has seen 1293% growth from 2017 to 2020 and continues to expand its customer base with key logos. It now has more than 800 customers worldwide, including many global brands like Lifesize and Reltio, as well as many healthcare organizations and hyper-growth technology firms. The company also more than quadrupled its team over the past three years.

These are all signs of a company entering a massive scale window and ready to cross that chasm. The technology is proven, the market has clearly arrived, and the team is assembled. They are ready for prime time. The investment we are making will go towards further accelerating that growth, including supporting hiring and an accelerated product roadmap.

Thank you to CEO Tucker Callaway and the entire LogDNA team for allowing me and the NightDragon team to join in this journey. I look forward to building this future together!

To learn more, read the blog from LogDNA CEO Tucker Callaway or the press release.