NightVision Fireside Chat: Dmitri Alperovitch video preview

NightVision Fireside Chat: Dmitri Alperovitch

Dmitri Alperovitch has been on the front lines of cybersecurity, discovering and responding to some of the most significant seminal moments in history. In this conversation with NightDragon Founder and Managing Director Dave DeWalt, he shares his experiences discovering the Aurora, Night Dragon and Shady Rat attacks, as well as the subsequent Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear attacks around the elections. He also discusses how he took lessons from those attacks to co-found Crowdstrike, one of the most successful cybersecurity companies in history, as well as current initiatives at the Silverado Policy Accelerator and the Alperovitch Institute at Johns Hopkins University SAIS.

This conversation was aired live on December 14, 2021.

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