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About the Name

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“Night Dragon” emerged in 2006 and became one of the first well-known nation-state cyberattacks, affecting approximately 71 organizations worldwide. The “Night Dragon” attacks were reported by McAfee in February 2011, while David DeWalt was the CEO. McAfee led the successful investigation and response to the breach.

When we launched NightDragon, we named the firm in tribute to the attacks and the significant moment it represented in history.

Today, NightDragon seeks to close the gap between offense and defense by deploying capital and expertise towards companies providing solutions to better protect governments, organizations and individuals.



NightDragon is founded to help solve for massive risk areas.


NightDragon makes key investments in mission-driven companies with high-impact potential.


NightScale Value Creation Platform expands and Advisory Team is deepened

NightDragon expands its wingspan and reach with a $750M NightDragon Growth I fund

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Reinventing Venture Capital

NightDragon is more than a traditional venture capital firm.

  • Advisory services, late-stage and growth capital investments
  • Access to a powerful network of industry leaders and NightDragon Advisors
  • Playbooks based on decades of industry experience

Value Creation at NIGHTSCALE

This way of thinking is embodied in our NightScale Value Creation Platform, which brings together a network of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders with proven growth playbooks, operational support programs, and strategic partnerships to accelerate company growth in specialized and emerging verticals.

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NightDragon Leadership

Mission-Focused Team

Our leadership and extended team provide a combination of deep and successful operating experiences leading enterprise and government organizations and a vast network of strategic relationships within the cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy industry.

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Therese Coutermarsh
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Tony Chow
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Alec Kiang
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Madison Bench
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Evan Gibney
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Hannah Huffman
Meera Shankar
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Sarah Kuranda Vallone
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Joe Bubniak
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Katherine Gronberg
Dorin Baniel nightdragon
Dorin Baniel
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Courtney Dombek
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Josiah Hsiung
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Thomas Pompidou
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Nadav Zafrir
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General Sir
Chris Deverell

Making Impact Against Important Missions

Our portfolio companies are creating and changing markets for value and global good. We place our focus squarely on late-stage and growth-stage firms solving challenges at the intersection between offensive and defensive in cybersecurity, security, safety, and privacy.

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Hear from the Team

Learn more about our focus and mission. Get behind-the-scenes stories direct from our leadership team and the NightDragon Network

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