Value Creation Platform

Investing Experience and Capital to Maximize Mission and Business Impact

A combination of people, programs, partnerships, and playbooks that provides a scalable platform to accelerate growth and deliver proven operational models that help NightDragon companies create value and solve today’s challenges.

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Work with a committed team and network of entrepreneurs and experts, supported by 100+ CEOs, CISOs, CTOs, and other senior leadership.


Playbooks developed from decades of industry experience and executive leadership.


Dedicated programs with practical insights and operational guidance around talent, go-to-market, marketing and government.


Engage with a network of partners through agreements cultivated exclusively for NightDragon portfolio companies to help you identify and capture opportunities.

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Influence Network

When a portfolio company joins the NightDragon network, they instantly gain access into a community of experienced industry advisors, partners and leaders from government, Fortune 100 companies and strategic go-to-market partners.

This is what we call the “NightDragon Network Effect.” NightDragon companies work directly with some of the world’s most prestigious security leaders to help accelerate talent acquisition and scale their go-to-market strategy.


Value-creation programs accelerate a NightDragon portfolio company’s capabilities around key functions, including talent, GTM, government services, marketing, and more.
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NightDragon Talent

Gain access to the right network and human capital.

  • Proprietary talent database and job board to supply trusted candidates
  • One-on-one advisory and support to assist with hiring needs
  • Master service and referral agreements with recruiting, diversity, and reference check/screening companies
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NightDragon Go-to-Market Scaling

Drive scale with resources geared to advance go-to-market growth.

  • Program of Master service and referral agreements with partners to provide pre-negotiated, preferential terms for NightDragon companies
  • NightDragon-sponsored Portfolio Days provide meetings with key partners to drive exposure, establish new routes to market
  • Syndicate Swarms create strategic investor syndicates
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NightDragon Amplify

Amplify brand through marketing, events and communications support.

  • NightVision events to amplify brand alongside key industry influencer and thought leaders
  • NightDragon Innovation Summit Series to reinforce public-private partnership and drive influence
  • Experienced media and content team for amplification in press
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NightDragon Government Services

Navigate government opportunities guided by experienced insights.

  • Team of former government and federal sales experts to provide insights and guidance on public sector go-to-market​
  • Expert advising on government policies, requirements, and needs or funding trends that impact sales environment


NightDragon maintains master services agreements with key partners designed to streamline portfolio company onboarding & facilitate preferential, pre-negotiated terms, as well as other less formal relationships.

It’s these critical partnerships that provide NightDragon portfolio companies with the opportunity to efficiently access and create market opportunities that drive advantage.


Decades of operating experience across our own companies, as well as our go-to-market and strategic partnerships, have informed NightDragon’s ability to deliver our portfolio companies the know-how to accelerate and scale growth. These playbooks include dedicated executive coaching and a growing resource library of proprietary, repeatable playbooks.

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Solving Unique Problems with Innovative Solutions