NightDragon Leads $100M Investment in Immuta

Slaying the Data Dragon Through Access Control

NightDragon Leads $100M Investment in Immuta

As we look to solve the biggest cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy (CSSP) problems facing organizations today, our team at NightDragon is increasingly focused on “Slaying the Data Dragon.” Data is a powerful tool for critical insights, but data overload and complexity introduces new challenges.

Organizations we talk to every day are grappling with this “Data Dragon” and how to tame it. As data volumes grow and usage expands, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to control access, ensure compliance, and safely share data. What’s more, data is increasingly pushed to the cloud and is now spread across different silos and compute infrastructures. This presents an immense and immediate challenge to their ability to ensure data security and privacy across their organization.

Yet, many of today’s solutions have fallen short of being able to help in our modern data world. Organizations often rely on complex legacy role-based policies, are bottlenecked by IT capacity to provide data access and implement controls, or simply were late to the game in recognizing the need for a solution to control data access. As one example of this, many recent data leaks and breaches have been a result of improper access and controls.

NightDragon passionately believes that organizations should safely tap into the full potential of data. For this reason, we are proud to announce we are leading an $100 million Series E round in Immuta alongside new investor and cloud data leader Snowflake, as well as existing investors TenEleven, Dell, DFJ Growth, IAG, Intel, March Capital, StepStone, and Wipro. Immuta marks NightDragon’s first investment in the privacy market (Immuta has overlap between data security, privacy, and governance markets), and privacy in particular is an area we consider a key pillar of the overall CSSP market.

Immuta enables organizations to discover, monitor, and control access to sensitive data so that the right users can access it. As the market leader in data access and data security, Immuta automates access control on data platforms at scale. The platform provides universal data access control by natively integrating with leading cloud datastores, such as Snowflake and Databricks. Organizations can increase their speed to data and safely share data with authorized users on these data platforms, while mitigating the risks of data leaks and breaches.

Immuta has seen incredible traction for its solution and its customers include many of the world’s top data-driven organizations, such as Mercedes-Benz, Roche, S&P Global, and the U.S. Army. In 2021, Immuta increased its annual recurring revenue (ARR) by 100%, doubled its customer base, and expanded globally into EMEA and APJ. This latest funding round will help the company further accelerate product innovation, as well as invest in sales, marketing, strategic partnerships, and customer success to meet growing global demand.

Backing this success is an experienced team driven by the mission to solve data challenges organizations face today. NightDragon looks forward to working closely with CEO Matt Carroll and the rest of the team to drive further growth by bringing our own operational expertise to bear, as well as our NightDragon Platform of people, programs, partnerships, playbooks.

Slaying the Data Dragon is no small task, but in doing so, we can help the world do right with data by enabling secure data use and sharing at scale. We believe Immuta is well-positioned to tackle this challenge and we look forward to working with them to accelerate their growth into a global data security and privacy leader.

Read the full announcement about our investment here, as well as a blog by Immuta CEO Matt Carroll.