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Putting Security in the Hands of the Developer

Over the last months, we have seen a resurgence in awareness of the need for secure code. It is clear that reacting to each incident independently is no longer a sustainable cybersecurity strategy. Instead, we need to proactively adapt our development cycles to ensure code is more secure and resilient from the start and limit the number of issues to respond to after the fact.

That’s where DevSecOps comes in. With AppSec tools, like log management, integrated into the CI/CD toolchain we can hope to build more secure, reliable applications. However, this is much easier said than done for companies faced with the insurmountable task of finding and fixing software vulnerabilities across a wide and constantly evolving codebase.

The shift left movement is intended to solve for this challenge by putting security tools like automated log management into the hands of the developers. These tools need to be designed in a way that the developer can easily inject them early into the development process to evaluate their work in real-time and at scale without hindering productivity. This is how you secure the modern DevOps world and create secure, resilient applications.

The accelerating acceptance of the shift left trend has gained significant traction inside of companies and across the market. CISOs and CIOs I meet with every week are bringing it up in regular conversation — looking for solutions to this growing software supply chain problem.

That’s why I’m excited to join the LogDNA team as Vice Chairman. I believe they are one of the leading companies solving the DevSecOps challenge for developers and application security teams today and, with the power of the NightDragon network and our investment and advisory capabilities behind them, will only see further growth.

LogDNA frees developers from a surge of alerts and massive volumes of logs, which can waste hundreds of hours to sift through. With centralized log management for DevOps, developers have frictionless and actionable data to monitor, debug and troubleshoot massive log volumes in real-time across any source including applications, cloud systems, Kubernetes, bare metal systems and more. It’s hyper-scale, real-time and multi-cloud. That’s the way of the future.

The company is already proving its technology out in the marketplace in a very real way. In 2020 alone, it landed more than 800 customers around the world and is the sole logging provider for the IBM Cloud. It can support deployments logging as many as 500 GBs per day and has raised more than $60 million in funding to continue fueling its growth.

These are all signs of a company entering a massive scale window and ready to cross that chasm. The technology is proven, the market has clearly arrived, and the team is assembled. They are ready for prime time.

Thank you to the entire LogDNA team for allowing me and the NightDragon team to join in this journey. I look forward to building this future together!

Dave DeWalt is Founder and Managing Director of NightDragon. He is a veteran CEO, advisor, and investor who has led companies, from startups to the Fortune 500, on a transformational journey of success. Focused on technology and cybersecurity, Dave helped create more than $20 billion of shareholder value during his 15-plus years as President and CEO of three major companies. That includes driving the most successful cybersecurity IPO ever in 2013, and leading the largest all-cash deal in technology history in 2010. Today, he serves as Managing Director of Allegis Cyber as well as investor and board member in the world’s most innovative companies such as Delta Airlines, Five9, Forescout, Phantom Cyber, Claroty, Team8, DataTribe, Illusive Networks, and Optiv.