NightVision Fireside Chat: Former Hacker Alissa Knight Preview

NightVision Fireside Chat: Former Hacker Alissa Knight

The annual Black Hat conference is one of the centerpiece events of the year for cybersecurity professionals, where we can go to network and see presentations on some of the latest threats facing CISOs today. NightDragon returned to Black Hat this year in full force to reunite with our peers in the industry and discuss today’s aggressive threat landscape.

I had the privilege of sitting down with esteemed hacker and cybersecurity entrepreneur Alissa Knight at the event in Las Vegas. Alissa has seen the cybersecurity industry from every angle, from being a CEO, industry analyst, published author and even on the ground hacking APIs, connected cars and more. We discussed a range of contemporary challenges faced by today’s CISO in today’s threat landscape, unrestricted warfare and asymmetric in this fifth battle space, her history in cyber, and what’s to come. The full video of our conversation can be found above.