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NightDragon Advisor Council Expands Significantly with Addition of Top Industry Leaders

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NightDragon Advisor Council now includes more than 50 top CISOs and industry executives to support portfolio and firm growth

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (May 26, 2022) – NightDragon today announced the significant growth of its Advisory Council to include more than 50 leading industry executives. These leaders will work together with NightDragon to accelerate the growth of its portfolio companies, provide diverse perspectives and contribute insights as NightDragon works to advance its overall investment strategy.

New additions to the NightDragon Advisory Council include industry leaders with expertise in product, go-to-market, government, executive management and marketing. They also include highly regarded Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) who are at the cutting edge of their fields and can provide a buyer’s perspective on the market, as well as exclusive experts in innovative technology areas such as Zero Trust, crypto, automation and critical infrastructure.

“It takes a village to build the next generation of cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy companies. NightDragon is proud to foster a vibrant and growing community of top industry leaders who share their knowledge and experiences with our portfolio and guide them towards successful outcomes,” said Dave DeWalt, Founder and Managing Director, NightDragon. “We look forward to continuing to grow the power of the NightDragon network effect for our portfolio and broader industry.”

In addition to new members, NightDragon has also launched several new initiatives for its Advisor and portfolio communities, including networking events to foster collaboration between portfolio leaders and Advisors, educational sessions that share best practices exclusively amongst the community, and cross-partner events with the network around diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

A partial list of new advisors includes:

  • Jim Alkove, Advisor and Former Chief Trust Officer, Salesforce
  • Mark Carney, COO, Coalfire
  • Julie Cullivan, Former CIO, Board Director
  • Renee Guttman, Former CISO, Coca-Cola, Time Warner; Founder of CISOHIVE
  • Gary Hayslip, Global CISO, Softbank Investment Advisors, Vision Fund
  • Katie Jenkins, EVP and CISO, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Brad Jones, CISO, Seagate
  • John Kindervag, Creator of Zero Trust, SVP of Cybersecurity Strategy at ON2IT
  • Alissa Knight, Partner, Knight Group
  • Dr. Ron Layton, VP, Converged Security Operations, Sallie Mae
  • Jason Lish, CSO, Lumen
  • David Olzak, SVP, Stratascale, an SHI Company
  • Dave Ruedger, CISO, Invitae
  • Christopher Russell, CISO, tZERO Group
  • Eric Sanchez, CISO, Kyowa Kirin
  • Rinki Sethi, VP and CISO,
  • Nick Shevelyov, former CISO, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Joe Sullivan, SVP and CSO, Cloudflare
  • Maarten Van Horenbeeck, SVP, Chief Trust Office & CISO, Zendesk
  • Troy Wilkinson, CISO, Interpublic Group
  • Elwin Wong, SVP and CISO, Ross Stores

The full list of advisors can be viewed here.

NightDragon formally launched its Advisory Council in November 2021 as a cornerstone piece of the broader NightDragon platform that includes unique programs, partnerships and playbooks to support portfolio company growth. Advisory Council members guide NightDragon portfolio companies on strategic initiatives, as well as participate in evaluating prospective investments and validating market trends. In turn, they receive unique networking opportunities, views in the emerging technology pipeline and exposure to potential board advisor and director roles.

Supplemental Quotes:

“It is more important than ever against today’s landscape to support cutting edge cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy technologies. I am proud to join the NightDragon Advisory Council and help build the next generation of companies emerging to support the needs of organizations everywhere,” said Katie Jenkins, CISO, Liberty Mutual Insurance.

“Building a successful company is so much more than just having a strong technology. NightDragon is leading the way in ensuring its portfolio companies have access to the breadth of expertise they need across every strategic category. I look forward to working closely with my peers to guide the leadership of these emerging companies towards long-term success,” said John Kindervag, creator of Zero Trust, SVP of Cybersecurity Strategy at ON2IT.

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