Joining NightDragon to Further Brand Recognition Through Thought Leadership 

I’ve always had a fiery and entrepreneurial spirit and drive to make things happen. At a young age, I learned that if I wanted something, it was my responsibility to determine what needed to be done and to make it happen. As a child, I would bake cookies and purchase soda to sell on the street corner with my brothers in our neighborhood, and when the cost of ballet lessons became unaffordable, I taught classes and cleaned the studio after hours to pay my tuition. 

I have a passion for building genuine connections with others and using those relationships to foster growth in all areas of life. My former roles allowed me to strengthen that ability professionally. At Nu Skin (the largest direct-sales company in the world) I worked with sales leaders from all over the world and trained them on how to market their own, growing businesses successfully. 

My time at The Wiseman Group, a boutique research and leadership development firm, also contributed to that growth, allowing me to nurture and manage a community of more than 100 coaches. From Brazil to New Zealand and Hungary to Australia, it was rewarding to facilitate connections and to form personal relationships with so many diverse individuals and it gave me the chance to work alongside leading companies like Google, Amazon, and SalesForce.

As I looked toward my next role, I sought out a company that brought together that focus on growth and building strong relationships and connections with a strong sense of mission. When I met the NightDragon team and understood their mission to secure the world for tomorrow, I knew I had found the perfect fit where my skills could make a difference in expanding their thought leadership and reach in the marketplace. 

The mission of NightDragon has never been more important. While cybersecurity and privacy used to be terms that felt important only to IT professionals, the introduction of highly accessible AI in so many facets of our lives, as well as the amount of time society spends online, bring the issues of cybersecurity, safety, security, and privacy to a new, and very personal level.

I look forward to now being part of that mission as a Marketing Associate on the NightDragon team, not only helping build awareness and thought leadership for the CSSP market but also helping support our portfolio companies’ marketing strategies alongside Sarah, Dave, Ken, Morgan, Amy, Katherine and the rest of the team. 

I’m so grateful and excited to dive into this work among the brightest and best minds in this industry! If you want to connect, you can reach me at