Josiah Hsiung Joining NightDragon

Deepening NightDragon’s Investor Expertise

Born into a family of Indonesian immigrants, I developed an early appreciation for the resilience and discipline it takes to succeed. I’ve always embraced looking at life from multiple perspectives and have a strong appreciation for different people, cultures, and backgrounds. 

That lens has led to my life-long passion to working alongside entrepreneurs, solving complex problems and building successful companies. I believe that entrepreneurs are a rare breed and that the opportunity to work alongside them, invest in those with strong potential and enable their success makes my day-to-day work rewarding.

For the past decade, I have been lucky to be involved throughout my career in driving investments in and scaling companies of different maturities and across industries. As an investor at Warburg Pincus and Vector Capital, I invested in companies across multiple stages within the enterprise software and infrastructure ecosystems. I gathered further experience at Goldman Sachs, where I assisted across a variety of transactions, equity offerings, M&A, debt financings, and leveraged buyouts. Most recently, I gained an operator’s persecutive at Instacart, where I led the Growth team and helped scale the company from startup to pre-IPO. 

As I began to look for my next opportunity, I knew I wanted something that would take my skills around investing and finding great companies and combine it with my background as an operator driving growth for high-caliber companies. For that reason, I am excited to announce I have joined NightDragon as Principal.

Led by Dave DeWalt, Ken Gonzalez, and Morgan Kyauk, NightDragon is dedicated to investing in and helping entrepreneurs build successful companies and scale cutting-edge technology to meet today’s biggest threats across cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy. The decades of operating experience and strategic relationships that the team brings makes NightDragon incredibly unique and differentiating for entrepreneurs when deciding what investors to partner with. I look forward to adding my own investing experience at leading firms and operational experience to this mix and work closely with the team to enable our portfolio companies to reach their full potential and secure our world for tomorrow. 

The opportunity in the cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy space is immense as risk continues to rise around the world and budgets prove resilient amidst the current economic situation. I look forward to adding my decade of experience to the NightDragon strategic operating investor platform to capitalize on this opportunity and build the future of the firm together. 

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