NightVision: A View from Ukraine

Thursday, May 5, 2022
02:00 pm — 3:00 pm
Ukraine flag

Like many of you, we have been closely watching the developing crisis in Ukraine with deep sadness for those whose lives and livelihood have been impacted.

For that reason, we are hosting a special edition of NightVision next week to share the stories of those who experienced the crisis first-hand, including individuals who were on the ground when the invasion began and those who have assisted in subsequent relief efforts. Moderated by NightDragon Founder Dave DeWalt, we will also discuss the long-term implications of this crisis on the geopolitical landscape, cybersecurity threats and from a humanitarian point of view.

Our hearts continue to go out to everyone impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. For this reason, we will also make a donation to humanitarian efforts for each attendee of this webinar.

A View from Those Affected: In this first portion of the event, we will hear from two brave women who were on the ground in Ukraine when the initial attack began. Iryna and Tanya are female engineers who will join us live from Poland to share their experiences escaping over the border.

– Tetiana Tokarieva, SafeGuard Cyber Project Manager, Kyiv Development Center
– Iryna Shevel, SafeGuard Cyber Director of Engineering, Kyiv Development Center

A View from Those Assisting in Relief: In this second portion of the event, we will hear from multiple leaders who have been assisting at the border of Ukraine, supporting their employees in the region, and assisting refugees arriving at other nations around the world. Speakers for this segment to include:

– Vitaliy Panych, CISO, State of CA
– John Serafini, CEO, HawkEye 360
– Otavio Freire, President, CTO and co-Founder, SafeGuard Cyber
– Jim Ting, SVP, Engineering, Professional Services and Cloud Services, SafeGuard Cyber