Sridhar Jayanthi

Chief Technology Officer, Head of Engineering

Sridhar Jayanthi has been a software product executive for over 30 years, including the last 20 years in cybersecurity.  As a global executive at McAfee and FireEye/Mandiant, Sridhar has led over 40 product teams across US, India, China and Europe. Sridhar has established product organizations from the ground-up in multiple countries and helped create today’s largest cybersecurity talent pool in the world. Prior to joining his former colleagues at NightDragon, Sridhar was the General Manager at EclecticIQ B.V., which acquired PolyLogyx, the endpoint security startup he co-founded.  Sridhar is a veteran angel investor and a member of Young President’s Organization. Sridhar received his masters degrees in manufacturing engineering at Northwestern University, and mechanical engineering at State University of New York. Sridhar’s undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering is from University of Madras.